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LESSONS  IX BED                                          5&
became very real as Muslim after Muslim bent over my bed,
breathing fire and slaughter against the hated Hindu.
6 Hinduism is filth !' That is what a famous Muslim had said to
me in Delhi. 'Hinduism is filth!' He had quoted numerous
instances to prove the point that it was ea social disease," He had
waxed particularly fierce against a fellow member of the assembly,
Mr. Krishamachari, who, he alleged, declared that * Gandhi is
more than a god to us Hindu^ He said that it was impossible
for an Englishman to understand how deeply this remark had
offended the Muslims.
Although he was a prominent member of the assembly, and a
person of considerable responsibility, I had imagined at the time
that such bitterness was exceptional, that it was probably a
personal eccentricity. I began to see that it was not.
These Muslims seemed passionate!}- anxious to impress upon
me their profound difference from the Hindus, because, so they
said,  You can reach the ear of the public, and the public never
hears the Muslim case. We are poor, we can't afford to spend
millions on propaganda.'
One of the first men who came to see me was the venerable
Malik Khuda Baksh, advocate-general and leader of the opposi-
tion in the Legislative Council from 1932 to 1937 (the name
sBaksh,5 by the way, has the beautiful meaning 'Bestowed by
* Never forget," he warned me, 'that Muslim and Hindu are
different cultures, not merely different religions. That is the point/
His face lit up with a gentle smile. cGod is everywhere,* he said.
*A tree does not deny its shade to a mai* who does not believe in
He was not pro-Pakistan, he did not believe in the political
unity of Islam, but he insisted that the Muslims were a different
people. He was particularly eloquent about the language question.
"The Hindus are trying to supplant our Urdu by their Hindustani,5
he said. Again, he smiled, this time not so gently. 'But Urdu is-
tough. Do you know what the word Urdu means ? It means
"Army" ! And it is an army that will never be conquered by
Another distinguished visitor, of very different convictions, was-